Dionisios Varelas

The Department of Byzantine studies opened in TSU Institute of Classical, Byzantine and modern Greek Studies in 2006 on a competitive basis. It offers students three-level education – graduate (baccalaureate) and postgraduate (master’s and doctoral studies). The Department employs five professors and a secretary: Professor Tina Dolidze, invited professors: Associate Professor  Magda Mchedlidze, Associate Professor Gvantsa Koplatadze, Assistant Professor Ketevan Abesadze, Secretary Maia Kakashvili. Since its opening, the department has been supported by the Dionisios Varelas Foundation, which supports an academic and research program called Dionisios Varelas for the Development of Byzantine Studies in Georgia. The Foundation finances the academic process at all the three levels. Besides, it either fully or partially funds master’s and doctoral studies. The Foundation also supports the publication of academic and research literature in Byzantine studies by the Logos publishers of the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies.