Multifunctional Dictionary of Classical Languages

The three-year project aimed to create 60000-65000 word Greek-Georgian and Latin-Georgian extensive dictionaries for specialists and students learning classical languages. The dictionaries are appended by a list of Greek/Latin terms, including 20000 – 25000 headwords with definitions and etymological notes. These multifunctional reference books will assist specialists in thorough undertsanding of the existing terminology as well as  in their efforts to coin new terms. The dictionaries are also appended by tables of declension, conjugation, modality types, etc., and by the information about ancient chronology, measurement units, etc. During the compliation of the dictionaries, the authors considered not only the existing reference literature and editions of classical texts, but also the latest research findings. For the first time in the history of the compilation of Greek etymological dictionaries, the etymological section of the dictionaries fully present hypotheses on pre-Greek and Kartvelian linguistic encounters, while the so-called onomastic part contains all proper names associated with Caucasus. 
Project participants: Research supervisor: Professor Rismag Gordeziani. Researchers: Ketevan Abesadze – teacher; Iamze Gagua – Associate Professor; Tinatin Giorgobiani – Associate Professor;  Maia Danelia, PhD; Tea Dularidze – PhD student; Tamar Tarkhnishvili  – PhD student. Ekaterine Kobakhidze – Associate Professor; Nana Tonia – Associate Professor; Ekaterine Gamkrelidze -PhD; Tamar Cheishvili -PhD.