Students' Creative Activites

Ancient Drama Studio "Odeon"

A students’ drama studio Odeon has been run in the TSU Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies from 2005. TSU students outside the Institute can also participate in the activities of the studio. Three performances have been staged so far: Iphigenia at Aulis by Euripides,  Ecclesiazusae by Aristophanes and Pseudolus by Plautus.
The drama studio is supervised by Guliko Butkhuzi, a stage director of Tbilisi Nodar Dumbadze Theater of Young Spectators, who also is a TSU classical philology graduate and is closely familiar with the field. The synergy with the stage director enables the students to develop a deeper insight into the classical authors’ works and the age of antiquity in general.
Several years before the opening of the Odeon studio, the students had staged The Trojan Women by Euripides under the direction of Guliko Butkhuzi.
Notably, the Odeon studio staged a full-length version of Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis in the original language, which was the first such occasion in Georgia.



In 2012 a new drama was played at the Institute. Professor Nana Tonia translated Euripides Orestes and staged it, with participation of students of  Classical Philology in Georgian language with consideration of the effects of antique theatre. The play deserved the excitement of the audience.