As a result of several year efforts under the supervision of Professor Sophie Shamanidi, the staff of modern Greek Studies of the Intitute developed and published in 2009 a modern Greek-Georgian Dictionary containing 45 000 lemata. The dictionary covers modern Greek literary and colloquial vocabulary more or less frequently used nowadays. The dictionary also contains grammar tables, lists of abbreviations and place names and an extensive introductory note on the history of Greek language and grammatical structures. In 2012 came out a concise version of the dictionary, reduced to 30 000 entries. The dictionary is intended for modern Greek learners living in Georgia and for Georgian citizens living in Greece. Project Participants: Project supervisor: Professor Sophie Shamanidi Sophie Shamanidi. Researchers: tea Gamrekeli (PhD), Tea Gaprindashvili (PhD). Irine Darchia, Associate Professor, Maka Kamushadze, Assistant Professor, Ani Chikovani,  Associate Professor, Svetlana Berikashvili, (PhD), Medea Metreveli (PhD).